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Welcome to our allergy, asthma and immunology clinic, a private practice in Fresno, California that provides personalized care for children and adults. We’re here to help relieve your symptoms, so you can spend your time where it counts.

About Allergies

Free yourself from allergies

If you’ve ever worried about taking a deep breath in the spring or packing your child’s lunch without peanut butter, you’re familiar with allergies. We can help diagnose all of your family’s allergies and recommend treatment plans for relief.

About Asthma

Breath a sigh of relief

If you experience tightness in your chest and shortness of breath, you may be experiencing asthma. We can help identify your asthma’s allergic or non-allergic triggers and develop a personalized treatment plan so you can breathe easier.

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The allergy and asthma doctor for your family

With over 11 years of clinical experience in allergies, asthma and immunology, Dr. Praveen Buddiga founded his private practice to support families on the road to allergy and asthma relief with a passion for compassionate patient care.

Dr. Buddiga cares for his patients like an old-fashioned doctor. Not only did he help me understand my illness, I believe he's the reason I’m alive.

Elva H.

Dr. Buddiga treats me with dignity, respect and listens to my problems. His bedside manner is calm and supportive. He is a role model for my children!